Throughout our history we have proven that the success of business transformation initiatives, particularly those that consider adopting technologies, is achieved through an understanding of the bussiness’ needs and complexities, the establishment of strategies that imply the generation of results in short periods of time, and with the active participation of the stakeholders.

This understanding has guaranteed our success in each of our projects in America and Europe, which has also allowed us to accumulate important knowledge and form a team of high level specialists, with extensive experience in each of our service areas.


“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”

Stephen Hawking


At Pranical we are here and now to attend to what is meaningful to us:

  • Collaborate with our clients to develop their potential.
  • To seek the integral development and well-being of our staff and their environment.
  • Improve continuously as an organization and as a company.
  • Collaborate with the evolution towards a sustainable world.


Being a 21st Century company dedicated to providing business solutions based on recognized technologies and practices, focused on creating value for both its clients and its people.


It is a fundamental part of Pranical:

  • Upward Spiral Synergy: We work and learn together to achieve superior results, increase common and individual well-being, interact intensively as a team and cultivate good moments.
  • Effectiveness with passion: We anticipate situations, reflect on them. We simplify and give order and structure to each thing, with this we seek to reach levels of excellence in the elaboration of each one of our results.
  • Continuous evolution: We grow from the inside out, and in balance. We are constantly looking for options to grow as individuals, to progress as a company and to improve our environment. In this way, our staff and our clients share the same level of importance.
  • Sustainable awareness: We use available resources with rationality and creativity to ensure our persistence over time as an organization. Respect, trust and kind treatment among our staff and with clients are the most important resources, the basis of sustainability.
  • Flexible to adapt: We learn and adapt accordingly according to the changes that are presented to us. We are the positive change we want, we encourage its realization.
  • Respect is the basis: We recognize ourselves and others, we speak, we listen and we look with empathy, we try to understand the other points of view, we accept the right of each person to be different.
  • Knowledge as a core: We increase our individual knowledge, we create knowledge and we share it internally with pride and gratitude. We are interested in the detail and its analysis. Learning and continuing education make us stronger.


Each proposal is carefully designed to:

  • Deliver services that exceed the expectations and needs of our customers, and their customers.
  • Select appropriate technologies and methods that adhere to international standards for the development of solutions.
  • Offer sustainable solutions over time, through a comprehensive vision in terms of people, processes and technology.


The word Pranical comes from the Sanskrit word prahna, which refers to the “vital energy”, that which we find when we walk in the mountains, on the seashore or in open fields. It is that “air” that we breathe that possesses an toning up, invigorating power, with healing properties, present in all forms of life.

In prahna, the root word “pra” means “to fill”, it is added to the root word “an”, which means “breathe” or “live” to create the new meaning “what fills the life with the breath”. Prahna is commonly translated as “air”, “breath”, “spirit”, “life”, “life force” or “energy”.

According to Yogi Ramacharaka:

“It is as difficult to explain what prahna is as it is to explain what God is. Prahna is the energy that permeates the Universe on all levels. It is physical, mental, intellectual, sexual, spiritual and cosmic energy. All these vibrating energies are prahna … All physical energies such as heat, light, gravity, magnetism and electricity are also prahna … It is the main engine of all activity. It is energy that creates, protects and transforms …


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