How to align human talent with digital transformation

Digital transformation can generate concern among employees, not only because of the changes in the work dynamics involved, but also because of the fear of losing their jobs if they do not know how to adapt to the processes. In fact, the main obstacle for companies is resistance to change.

The implementation of a corporate culture that aligns the ways of thinking, feeling and acting of the human network and the communication of the teams during the transition are very important. In addition, the identification of the digital skills needed by the organization, support and adequate training so that employees feel involved in the process will make the difference.

Five recommendations for the transition to the digital model:

  • Identify the business, personnel and IT factors that will be impacted with the incorporation of digital transformation guidelines.
  • Communicate assertively and effectively to employees the vision, the objectives of the digital transformation and the implementation of the new digital business model.
  • Create a digital culture based on agile, innovative and collaborative thinking.
  • Support teams in their training and development. This includes the development of technical and generic skills training programs aimed at raising the capabilities of staff to effectively perform their operational functions and those required to enable business transformation.
  • Facilitate training both face-to-face and through virtual platforms.

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