On-premises and open source, solutions to empower organizations


  • Security: Data is stored in own servers and third parties are not allowed access. Organizations decide to whom they give access and can establish their own security measures.
  • Control: Companies can customize, configure and manage the infrastructure and tailor solutions according to their needs. Access is guaranteed even without Internet connection and the user can work without restrictions because it is installed on its own server.
  • Integration: It can be better linked with other software.

Open source:

  • Savings in licenses and support: No costly software licenses are required, which benefits smaller companies or smaller budgets. Organizations are not dependent on a single vendor and can save costs associated with dedicated support and maintenance.
  • Open collaboration: Being open source allows other developers to analyze it, improve it, look for bugs and detect cybersecurity risks, access new updates and features.
  • Flexibility: It adapts to the needs of users, without having to depend on a provider.

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