At Pranical we believe in synergy work that leads us to offer our customers robust and comprehensive solutions. For this we have established a set of alliances with those who have expanded and strengthened our knowledge and experience, necessary to increase the value delivered through our solutions.

If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants

Isaac Newton

At Pranical we evolve our services aligned with the vision of accelerated development with little-code (Low code) in order to offer our customers the delivery of high value applications in shorter delivery times (in the order of 5x).

In this context, we have the capabilities to deliver business solutions based on custom systems development, case management, information systems integration, automation of robot-enabled processes, smart contact centers, among others.

This business transformation has been the product of continuous and systematic work with our new business partner Appian, who are widely recognized by the Gartner Group and Forrester Research.

Sharing visions and business values based on respect for our customers and our people, as well as the delivery of excellence in each of our services has allowed us to generate with Avantica the necessary synergy to guarantee our clients the capacity to deliver leading edge technological solutions that require numerous work teams.

Our alliance with CGSIa company with extensive experience in the cybersecurity sector, allows us to provide our clients with solutions that protect and rigorously safeguard their information assets, especially in the processes of digital transformation.

Our alliance with OpenLegacy has enhanced our enterprise application integration [EAI] capabilities based on microService APIs, offering highly efficient results, in terms of execution time and quality of deliverables, achieving significantly exceed the expectations of our customers.

We are convinced that a great part of the success of the transformational processes lies in enabling the management of knowledge in the development of human talent, in an enduring, available and permanent manner. Our alliance with  360 Educativa revolutionizes the traditional ways of implementing instructional designs and guarantees our customers the added value in delivering the contents.


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